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As you may have realised, the new website is now up and running at Please head there for any future Melbourne related updates.


What’s on in Melbourne 30 July – 5 August

Hello everyone! I am in the middle of rebuilding this blog from the ground up. ll be going back to my food reviewing ways as well as keeping the podcast and what’s on weekly post, but feel free to contact me if you have any suggestions or ideas for features to include. This week has a movie theme to it for totes obvs reasons. Continue reading

What’s on in Melbourne 23-29 July

Greetings, citizens! Looks like It’s a great week for free walkabouts in the city and getting into where you normally wouldn’t go in ways that are way less creepy than that sounds Continue reading

What’s on in Melbourne – 17 July to 22 July

Gertrude Street Projection Festival

One of my favorite parts of the White Night Festival is the projection overlay along Flinders St. This Festival takes that art all along Gertrude St, and I can’t believe it’s in its 7th year. It kicks off this Friday in Fitzroy, with more details here.

Melbourne Web Fest

One of the greatest parts of the internet is YouTube. Delving past the cat videos and nut shots, the real gold is in the web series. This festival celebrates these web series, and gives you a chance to see them up on the big screen beyond the iPad. Details here.

European Night Market @ Madame Brussells

Kicking off this Friday, the Madame Brussells laneway will turn into a food market, with warming drinks, baked pretzels and the perfect laneway atmosphere. Details here.

Time Out Pub Awards

One of the greatest awards night of the year, I went last year and didn’t recover from the hangover till September. A great opportunity to meet the people behind your favorite venues, open bar, and beware of going to the after party if you have work the next day. Tickets available here.

Nite Art

A beautiful night out, a whole bunch of small to medium galleries open up on a week night for you to browse, check out performances and even participate in art. I had no idea how many galleries there were in town till I went to this last year. It’s on Wednesday and tickets are available here.

What’s on in Melbourne 9 -15 July

And I’m back! Thank you Melbourne for really turning on the darn weather and reminding me of where I really belong. Continue reading

No “What’s on” post this week

I’m in QLD all this week on holiday without access to a computer and I just don’t love you enough to type out the post on my iPhone. I’ll be back next week!

What’s on in Melbourne 27 June – 1 July

Greetings! Just in case you missed it, I wrote a review of the latest Transformers movie, Age of Extinction, for Hopscotch Friday. Since I try and only say nice things on this blog, I’ll just say I liked it better than the first two?

Melbourne International Animation Festival

MIAF continues on this week, finishing on 30 June. There’s still quite a few sessions left, and even a few masterclasses! You can check out the program here.

Tweed Ride

Put on your finest attire, grab your peddle-powered vehicle and go for a ride from Fed Square to the Abbotsford Convent. BYO bike, but an otherwise free event on this Saturday morning. Details and route here.

Valhalla Social Cinema presents ‘Forbidden Zone’

Set in an alternate universe accessed through a door in the house of the Hercules family, Forbidden Zone was Richard Elfman’s first feature film and the very first one to be scored by his brother, the now legendary Danny Elfman. To attempt to explain its plot is moot: it lacks structure, segues into anything but the expected and is one of the most absurd, nonsensical musicals ever put to film. For all these reasons, it is infinitely endearing and deserving of its cult status. It’s on this Saturday from 7:30 with tickets available here.

Docklands Fireworks!

Yay, it’s back! A free fireworks show on each Friday at sundown, and it kicks off tonight. There’ll be free entertainment in the lead up to the main event, and a heap of restaurants to grab a bite at beforehand. Details here.