The Wayside Inn – South Melbourne pub.

The Wayside Inn is a classic pub located in at 446 City Road, South Melbourne. I had heard about this pub about a week before eating there from my father in law, and it was either the glazed eyes and slight drooling or the fact he kept saying “meat” over and over again that got me excited about going there.

The pub itself is simply and classical decorated, with the above chalkboard reminding us of what the rotisserie of the day was being a personal favorite. I felt instantly at home, and having arrived a little earlier than the rest of my party I settled in with a drink

Small note: free wifi makes with cider makes me happy.

For our party of six we ordered the selection of artisan cured meats and the sucking pig terrine. The selection, as you can see above, is pretty extensive and made for some salty goodness while we prepared ourselves for our steaks. Cornichons were included, which is always a good sign of a great collection.

The terrine was no slouch either, and we were especially impressed with how well the jam on too went with it compared to the expected layer of goo that needs to be peeled off.

Then the steaks arrived, and they were impressive. I ordered their 250g Wagyu beef steak medium rare, and it was pitch perfect. My brother in law, whose birthday we were celebrating, ordered the rib-eye steak and he definitely felt he had a happy birthday.

For dessert I had their chocolate tart with ice cream, and after such a heavy steak it was what I needed. The tart was made with very dark chocolate, so combined with the vanilla icecream on the side was well balanced.

The customer service was good, however it’s possible that I’ve been spoilt by places like PM24. It was just in the small things, like having to ask for refills of water instead of having someone notice and coming before being asked, so it certainly wasn’t enough to lessen our enjoyment of the food.

Their website is here.

Wayside Inn on Urbanspoon

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