The French Brasserie

The French Brasserie is a restaurant located at 2 Malthouse Lane, just off Flinders street. I have mentioned it in passing a few times however to my surprise I haven’t yet written about an experience there. This post is an attempt to make up for the oversight.

First off, the customer service is wonderful. The manager Hadj and his staff fantastic at making everyone feel welcome, whether you are a regular or it is your first time. Every time Daisy and I have eaten there we almost feel like a member of the family rather than patrons at a restaurant.

They have special set menus throughout the year, such as Bastille Day and Valentines Day, and we have had our valentines day meals there for the past two years and I see no end to that tradition. The restaurant also has special pre-theatre meals during the week, and being located so close to theatres and the Cinema Kino makes them a good starting point for a night on the town.

Last night Daisy and I had the 3 course Cassoulet, with Kir Royal on arrival. I had never had Cassoulet before so was looking forward to it. First up was the charcuterie, including among other things duck parfait and onion jam. Those two really stood out from the rest, and went well with our opening sweet drink.

Next up was the main course, the duck cassoulet. Combined with the red that our waiter suggested it was the perfect winter meal, lovely and filling and the beans on the inside was perfect with the duck leg.

Next up was the crime brûlée. We have had this a few times here and every time it has cracked perfectly to get to the remaining goodness.

The French Brasserie is a wonderful spot and one was my pic in the Australian’s top 50 restaurants. I really recommend following their Facebook account to find out about their special menus and treat yourself to an amazing meal.

Website is here.

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