Le Gourmand – Richmond Restaurant

Le Gourmand is a great little restaurant/cafe located at 318 Bridge Road, Richmond. The menu ranges from pasta to pies, but my attention was immediately grabbed by the charcuterie offering they had. I believe charcuterie translates into “salty meats that go well with beer”

First up was my dish. As you can see, I was feeling fairly carnivorous that night and ordered Serrano jamon, Bresola, pancetta and prosciutto crudo. It also comes with cornichons, beetroot relish, mustard fruits and bread.

The Bejeweller ordered fried , chorizo,pan fried haloumi and duck rillette from the tasting menu. I love eating like this since it gives you a chance to share and swap and try all kinds of combinations with the flavor.

My first successful combination was cornichon wrapped in bresole. I love cornichons, so wrapping it up in the French equivalent of shaved jerky was pretty tasty.

The winning combination, however, was the Pils beer and pancetta. This duo of salty goodness had me melting into my seat.

I also wanted to make a special mention to our server. She was the only person on deck last night but was really friendly and efficient which added to my enjoyment of the venue.

Price wise, we spent about $40 on the food and about the same on the wine, and both were excellent. If you find yourself in the area and need some salty excellence I say go for it.

Website is here

Le Gourmand on Urbanspoon

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