Rhone wine and tapas

Rhone wine and tapas is a delightful little restaurant located at 125 Victoria Avenue, Albert Park. Now I must confess to being very late with this writeup, as I went to their special VIP tapas night on the 15th June and only just now realized I had neglected it. On the other hand, they did say that the VIP night may become a monthly event so I may just be extraordinarily early for next month! This particular evening cost $40 per head and, as you’re about to see that’s amazing value for the meal ahead.

First off, the biggest and best surprise. I have a seafood allergy, and can you see what that is above? That is a printed alternate menu for those with seafood allergies for a special event. I have never seen one of those before, but I really appreciated it!

First off, the deep fried goats cheese. My favorite part was the swirl of the balsamic, which was perfect with the cheese. There was barely a smear left by the time I was done.

Next up were the jamon croquettes. They were deliciously creamy, and went well with the sauce. Both of the appetizer dishes were delicious, but my vote definitely went to the goats cheese.

Next up were the braised meatballs in tomato salsa. Daisy’s comment was, after some disappointing meatballs from another venue during the week, that these were how meatballs were meant to be. The salsa was sweet without overpowering the spices in the meatballs.

Fourth dish along and we were into the pork belly. The crackling was a highlight, but the rest of the slice was delicious. I wish the portion was a little larger, but that’s just cause it was that good. Again, the sauce was delicious, and was perfect with the pork.

Finally, dessert consisted of Spanish Churros. The second stomach I keep handy for dessert came to the rescue, and they were delicious. The chocolate was just dark enough to be bitter, combining well with the sweetness of the doughnuts.

Overall, Daisy and I had a lovely night during their special event. As you can probably tell, the sauces in particular were a highlight, and whoever was in charge of those on the night did a fantastic job. Their great customer service didn’t end there however. In writing this post I tweeted them just to confirm the date and prices of the night, since I didn’t have it written down anywhere. I very quickly had a copy of the flyer, all the information I’d asked for and a brief rundown of their history:

The name Rhone is from the river Rhone running through the famous wine region and expanding into the Mediterranean. We wanted an earthy, Mediterranean feel, simple and delicious with great wine and good ambience. We are moving towards more of a spanish food menu (probably due to Manuels arrival), but our wines will stay representing France, Italy, Spain, & Portugal. The Australian / NZ varieties all have the “homeland / old world” grapes to stay true to the theme.

The event was to launch our new menu, plus additional wines and cocktails. We had also just welcomed Manuel Villegas to our team as Head Chef. The event was on June 15th. I have attached the flyer below. we had a prize for someone on the night, which we drew from the bookings. The winner was a first time visitor, Jo Thorburn, who had discovered us through Facebook. She received $100 meal voucher.
Manuel is from Barcelona and has been in Australia for a few years. Lee Glasgow is the owner. He has spent the best part of 10 years living in the UK, Spain and other parts of Europe working in restaurants, pubs and nightclubs. The partnership of the two really has brought Rhone Wine & Tapas into another space.

Please let me know if you require any further details. We are running our Bastille Day this Saturday as well. $50pp for 4 courses and a glass of sparkling.

You can find their website here.

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