Roule Galette – Melbourne French Cafe

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Roule Galette is a French cafe hidden away at 26 Rebecca Walk, Melbourne. It can be a bit tricky to find, but it is essentially across King Street from the Melbourne Aquarium and across the river from Southbank. Now a while ago I posted about a few places with special menus for Bastile Day dinner, but if you’re in need of somewhere French for lunch tomorrow then this just might be it.

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I haven’t been here before, so I was unsure what to order until I saw the above sign. My mind just automatically edited out everything except cheese, potatoes, bacon and onions and since those are all of my favorite things the choice became easy. The Galette Tartiflette is $16, which is a bit more than I expected to spend at lunch today but I decided to see if it was worth it.

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Now I’ll admit, my first reaction when this arrived is “Where’s the food?”. It looked a little sad just there by itself on my plate, right up until I cracked it open.

Camera Roll-1347

Inside was Danny boy heaven. The cheese was flavorful but not overpowering, everything was in moderation and, as the sign said, it was exactly what I needed for a winter’s lunch.

I asked if they were doing anything special tomorrow for Batille day and while they will only be open for lunch, they will have live music and good food for francophiles wanting a lunchtime hit. Go check it out!

Their website is here.

Roule Galette on Urbanspoon

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