South Melbourne Commons – Market and Cafe

The South Melbourne Commons is a community hub located at the corner of Bank and Montague streets in South Melbourne. It’s a great space, with a variety of activities on offer including a cafe, fresh produce market, playground and occasionally a craft/vintage market.

First up is the cafe. The coffee was good, the food all seasonal and fresh and the staff are lovely. Perhaps best of all, it’s a big open space, a bit of a relief after some of the consumer CBD cafes.

Just outside of the cafe is a sandpit with toys for kids. It’s not completely enclosed so you do need to watch them, but it’s a great spot to let bubbahs burn off the breakfast they just has.

The big surprise was the grocery co-op. As well as stocking fresh fruit and veg, they have detergents and soaps for sale in bulk. You need to bring your own container to fill up with the goods, but they’re all natural and it helps reduce waste. It’s a great system and I hope to see it spread.

On the third Sunday of each month they also have a Craft and Vintage market. It’s similar to the Rose Street Market, and with a similar variety of stuff on offer. They also had second hand books, clothes and, my personal favorite, a vinyl record cake holder.

Overall it’s a great spot to spend a lazy weekend, especially if you can line it up with their market day. You can find their website here to keep track of when the next time is.

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2 responses to “South Melbourne Commons – Market and Cafe

  1. Looks great, I will have to get down there and check it out

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