Ramen Ya – Japanese restaurant

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I’m a big fan of good Japanese food, and there’s one place in particular I love to get Japanese lunch from. Well, two places since they opened up a second location on the same street. That place is Ramen Ya, located at both 25G Melbourne’s GPO 350 Bourke Street and Shop 9 108 Bourke Street, Melbourne.

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Kay personal favorite is their Chicken Katsu, which also includes rice, gyoza and salad for only $10. It’s amazing value, and worth coming back for. Their Chicken Katsu Curry is also great, and is Daisy’s favorite.

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One big surprise was their children’s meals. Their bento boxes come in the shape of a train, and my little boy loved them. He struggled a little bit with chop sticks but was willing to give them a go. If you have little ones needing a cheap but healthy fee I highly recommend stopping by.

Their website is here.

Ramen Ya on Bourke on Urbanspoon

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