Jungle Juice – Melbourne Cafe/Bar

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Speaking of saving our laneways, I present to you Jungle Juice, also known as Hell’s. Located downstairs at 20 Centre Place, Melbourne, it’s in the part of town I call “The Hangover Cure”. You’re about to see why.

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First off, I must say that this place is cozy. It’s possibly even smaller than Little Kings cafe and even on a fairly quiet morning will require a sideways shimmy to get to an empty spot in the corner. Once you’re seated though you do get some seating space to yourself.

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Generally they can only fit in two staff members at a time so the food tends to be simple and easy. Their speciality tend to be bagels. Now I may be risking my bloke card by writing this, but how adorable are the Little Golden Book menus that they use?

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Their bagels are a good size and ready relatively quickly. They’re saucy, greasy and easy on the eyes. Between the bagels and their coffee I was all powered up and ready to wander the streets.

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2 responses to “Jungle Juice – Melbourne Cafe/Bar

  1. This is actually Jungle Juice. Their logo is the green and purple giraffe.
    Great coffee, amazing bagels for sure and on most occassions the staff program in some great tunes.

    Hells Kitchen is upstairs and is a bar that, although does indeed serve food for lunch and dinner, is better known for a good spot to drink. Hells is well known for lousy phone reception, so if organising with a friend make sure you both know what time, where and when in advance otherwise if you leave your spot is likely to be filled by someone lookin’ for a seat. Actually that could also be said for Jungle Juice.

    Both are great places, been going for many many years and can highly recommend, though they get exceptionally busy at peak hours of breakfast, and afterwork (drinks).

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