Passionflower – Melbourne dessert

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Passionflower is a dessert store located at Shop 2, 168 Bourke Street Melbourne. It’s a bit unusual in that it has both western and eastern flavoured desserts, so if you feel like chocolate ice cream but your date wants azuki red bean, this place will cover you both.

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I don’t know why but I love the magazine style look of their menu. It’s easy to find whatever you’re craving and the fact that there is a section dedicated to chocolate means that chocoholics like me are perfectly covered.

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Every time I’ve been here I’ve been astounded by their presentation. Even something as simple as a cookie and cream dessert comes out looking smashing. Their portion size is also very generous, meaning my fiancé and I were happy to share our cookie-tini and were still satisfied.

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They also have a members club meaning if you’re a frequent desserter you will be able to enjoy free desserts and other benefits. I have to say they are pretty pricey however so it is definitely an indulgence rather than a replacement for the choc sunday I grab on the way home from a big night out.

Their website is here.

Passionflower on Urbanspoon

2 responses to “Passionflower – Melbourne dessert

  1. I didn’t even know this place existed! Thanks:) I’ll definitely be trying this place out.

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