Koy – South Melbourne Restaurant


Koy is a Turkish restaurant located at South Melbourne Market, 116 Cecil Street South Melbourne. Apparently Koy means village in turkish and their food certainly has a home-made feel to it.


First off, pretty much all of their food is to share so I do recommend going in groups. The last time that I ate there I was in a group of four adults and my three year old son which meant we could order enough to have a variety without going overboard.


Now despite having tried a variety of dishes, there’s one that still haunts my dreams today and that is their slow cooked lamb meatballs known as Izmir Kofte. They are incredible, Slow cooked to perfection in and coming in a tomato and herb stew that, if I was in less civilised company, I would have been happy enough with by itself. I have to warn though that being slow cooked means that they have a limited supply resulting in a few aborted attempts to have them at lunch while at the South Melbourne Market.

One other thing I should say is that their staff are lovely and very welcoming, especially with kids. I have been there with prams and young ones and each time we’ve been made to feel welcome and the kids have been catered to.

Their website is here.

Koy Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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