Chimmys – Richmond cafe/bakery

Chimmys is a cafe/bakery with a few locations spread around the inner suburbs of Melbourne. Now I hadn’t heard of them before, but this particular morning my fiance Daisy and I were roaming around Richmond looking for breakfast and stumbled across their main location at 342-344 Bridge Road Richmond.

The shop is essentially split in two, with punters entering into their bakery and moving through into their cafe area. It provides a great opportunity for weak willed chocoholic bloggers like myself to be tempted by their baked goods before I even sat down. I may have been foaming at the mouth slightly when I ordered my coffee.

The cafe itself has a real classic European feel to it and didn’t feel too crowded. There are lots of little touches that give the place it’s personality, like the cutlery in an old tea tin, that make it feel like an individual place instead of a clinical franchise that I’m an absolute sucker for.

The customer service was quick and friendly, just what was needed on a Saturday morning out. The coffee was excellent, but sadly due to a health kick I am currently on I could only allow myself one cookie. The cakes from the bakery look amazing and I can’t wait to come back and gorge myself.

Their website is here.

Chimmy's Bakery & Café on Urbanspoon

4 responses to “Chimmys – Richmond cafe/bakery

  1. They do a fantastic range of gluten free products!

  2. I just stumbled across your blog (actually I stumbled across your old one which led me here). This looks soo good! One of these days Im going to get to Australia!

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