The Lui Bar

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The Lui Bar is a bar located at the top of the Rialto Tower, level 55 525 Collins Street in Melbourne. Now there are very few venues in the city where the view could be described as “iconic”. Most of the times it's just an empty laneway, or another coffee place, or the cars parked across the street. This is the first thing that sets the Lui Bar apart from almost any other bar in the city; you can't help but take in the view from the city from so high up. It's almost distractingly beautiful, and the fiance and I spent a good portion of our visit there just goggling at our city.

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Now when you go to the Lui Bar, you can't get away without ordering a cocktail. It just wouldn't feel right to be in one of the swankiest bars in the city while downing a Pure Blonde. Now I am very much a cocktail novice and had no idea what to order. Fortunately I had Dave the Expert Barman to the rescue. A quick chat about the kinds of drinks I like, with some reference to the Jack's Bar I went to earlier this month, and the Gold Rush was suggested as the drink for me, with the Champs Elysie suggested for Daisy. And I have to say, he was spot on with his choice.
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Satisfied with the drinks, we took a moment to take in the bar. I was rapidly falling in love with the place, with the excellent customer service, the ice cube decorations hanging from the roof, the view. Of course, the feeling was being helped by the fact I hadn't eaten yet, so we decided to try the three mini beef burgers on the snack menu.
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Now I have reviewed a few burger places in the city during my travels, but I don't think I have ever tasted a mini burger quite like this. Now I was expecting something special since the food was coming from the same kitchen as Vue de Monde. but even those expectations were blown completely out of the water. The pattys were soft and crumbly, the bread crumbly and the sauce was sweet, all perfect. Now I have to confess the reason why we were there in the first place was scouting for a venue for our wedding reception, and we immediately hunted down the mini burger on their canape menu, circled it and added several exclamation marks.

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Now the Lui Bar has a rotating cocktail and snack menu, so every visit can mean a new drinking and eating experience. Given how special the place is generally, it's great to be able to go in and try something new each time. Sadly, it means that I can't remember the name of our last two drinks so will have to keep coming back until I luck onto them again. What a shame.

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Overall, the Lui Bar is a fantastic venue, and I can't recommend it enough for a special cocktail night out. You can see what drinks and snacks they have on offer at their website here.

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