Cacao Green – Melbourne CBD Desserts

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Cacao Green is a chain of “healthy” dessert cafes specialising in no-fat yoghurts. They have four locations in the CBD and inner suburbs, and I popped into their 235 Bourke Street location in the Tivoli Arcade to see if my appetite for unhealthy fatty desserts could still be sated there.

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Now I put “healthy” in quotation marks because if you’re an expert at missing the point like I am, you do have the option of adding in relatively unhealthy cocoa puffs on your no fat yoghurt. Daisy opted for the berry on berry option. A short wait later and our desserts arrived.

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The presentation was cute to the point it was a shame to eat it, but we quickly dug in. Now I’m going to admit, my mix did not go together well. Their Italian Original yoghurt was so unexpectedly tart that it completely overwhelmed the mix in, instead of the plain vanilla I was expecting. When I do return, and I shall, I’ll chose something more like Daisy’s mix that would go a lot better together.

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Overall it’s a nice place and definitely worthwhile as a cheap dessert option when out and about, just be ready for their Italian Original. It’s also worth noting that they do stock St Ali speciality coffee if you’re needing a caffeine hit a well as some dessert.

You can find their website here for other locations.

Cacao Green Bourke Street on Urbanspoon


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