Streat – Melbourne Cafe

Camera Roll-1858

Like a lot of people my Facebook can be covered in well-meaning but really obvious sentiment that usually annoys more than anything else. One, however, has really stuck with me and that is this:

Every dollar you spend is a vote for how you want the world to be and who you want to control it

As a result I try to be more socially conscious with the money I spend. One cafe that makes it very easy to be socially conscious is Streat cafe.

Camera Roll-1859

Starting in 2009 Streat has 3 locations, the one pictured above is in Melbourne Central, just above the train station, with other locations in McKillop Street and Racecourse Road, Flemington. Streat is a social enterprise, with profits going into training programmes for homeless youth to help them get off the street and back on track.

The win for consumers is that the coffee is fantastic and so are the cakes, with an added bonus getting the warm and fuzzies knowing that your $3.5o is going to help your local community than an American corporation with a Mermaid logo.

You can find out more about Streat’s social entrepreneurship here.

Streat on Urbanspoon

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