St Edmonds – Prahran cafe

Camera Roll-1849

St Edmonds is former garage now cafe located at read 154 Greville Street, Prahran. The front of the cafe has some amazing street art, but inside it’s all simple and stripped back, big bar bench, simple food and good coffee. Exactly what you need when your friends force you to drink too much the Friday night before.

Camera Roll-1853

Having slept in due to the afore mentioned and completely un-self inflicted hangover, we went straight from breakfast coffee to lunch pasta. The specials of the day included home made potato gnocchi with Bolognese sauce, which Daisy ordered, while I had the linguini with chorizo, tomato and fior di latte.

Camera Roll-1852

I wasn’t kidding about the dish being simple, but it all worked really well. The linguini by itself tasted amazing, while the cherry tomatoes were beautifully fresh and sweet.

Camera Roll-1855

Daisy was so entranced with her meal that I didn’t get much a chance to taste it, but here is what she had to say:Gnochhi was like pillows of mashed potato. soft and light, but more potato than pasta. Ragu was sweet but pleasant. I did add a fair bit of salt. It was homemade yummyness.

Camera Roll-1856

Now I mentioned earlier that the cafe used to be a garage, and there are a few parts of the design that reflects this. My personal favourite were the pot plants hung in denim pot holders, reflecting the denim overalls mechanics used to work in at that address.

Camera Roll-1854

Overall, it was a pleasant experience. The only disappointment was that it took multiple requests to get our bill before we could leave, especially after having such speedy service when ordering and receiving our food.

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