Market Lane Coffee – Melbourne cafe

Camera Roll-2013

Market Lane Coffee actually has two cafes, one at Shop 13 Prahran Market, 163 Commercial Road South Yarra and the other at 109-111 Therry Street Melbourne. My brother in law had declared multiple times that this is the best coffee in Melbourne, so after our trip to Queen Victoria Market for the World Street Food Festival we decided to take our little dulce di leche cones and enjoy a quick coffee.

Camera Roll-2012

The internet is a pretty cool place. I can write about the places I’ve been, catch up with my mate living over in Europe, study for my online course then look at funny cat pictures. What it doesn’t do just yet, however, is let me show you guys how good a place smells. I almost swooned at the smell of the coffee being brewed inside, but managed to regain my composure in enough time to make my order.

Camera Roll-2009

Now it turns out that they had a $10 minimum for eftpos and two coffees came just short of that, so after much soul searching, arm twisting and self justification, I stopped kidding myself and ordered one of their great- looking chocolate cookies.

Camera Roll-2005

So after all of this, was my brother in law right? Was I mislead by smell and sight when it came to the actual taste? Thankfully, no. While the coffee didn’t quite reach my expectations of attaining nirvana as expecetd of Melbourne’s best coffee, it was definitely a great cuppa and will now be a regular part of my market trip

Camera Roll-2007

Their website is here.

Market Lane Coffee on Urbanspoon

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