Kinfolk cafe- Melbourne cafe

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Kinfolk cafe is a charming little cafe located at 673 Bourke Street, Melbourne, on the Southern Cross Station end. It is a social business, similar to Streat, with customers being able to choose to fund various social enterprises.

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First I want to write about the interior. According to their website, it was completed by volunteers and they’ve done a great job. I especially love the feature wall, with small canvases of birds roosting on a huge black tree. There are also gentle reminders that all of the staff are volunteers except for management, which makes me appreciate the good food and coffee all the more.

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Kinfolk also support four different project partners, with punters being able to nominate which one they support by placing a coffee bean in marked jars. It’s a similar system to Grill’ds new system of nominating charities for your support, and it’s a nice way of feeling involved with how your money is going to help.

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The food menu changes daily, but my personal favourite is the Convent Bakery pies from the Abbotsford Convent. They’re a bit pricey for a meat pie and green salad, but the overall experience is totally worth it.

Their website is here.

Kinfolk on Urbanspoon

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