The Bottom End – Melbourne Pub

The Bottom End is a Melbourne pub located at 579 Little Collins st, Melbourne. it’s right up the Spencer Street end, and just across the road from Saint and Rogue. It’s the diner portion of both Survivor and Poof Doof, two massive dance clubs located just upstairs.

One way to describe the interior is “seemingly random”. It’s like someone invited a hundred mates over and they were each told to bring one item each, and they all found a home at The Bottom End. This includes the above shrine/ welcome mat, a concrete snake hidden on the bar wall, and any number of tasteless wackiness. I love it, and I’m sure there’s some kind of order to the chaos that I’m not clever enough to work out.

A slight warning however, the bar is also slightly NSFW, with drink names like “camel toe” and topless pics in the men’s loo. It’s fine for the most part, but it almost resulted in me having to explain why we were getting giggly at some of the drinks names to my mid-sixties mother. Awkward!

Up next is the main reason why we were there, the food. Up above is the grilled Parmesan and artichoke dip, and it was going so fast I was forced to take action shots. It is surprisingly good, with the cheese keeping the artichoke nice and squishy for dipping.

Also, they had edamame! If you’re not familiar with it, it’s a type of green bean thats steamed then salted, and is an acceptable substitute for chips or popcorn for a warm salty snack, but healthier. If you haven’t tried them before, then get on them ASAP.

They’ve got a pretty wide selection of $10 burgers, from the fairly staple classic cheesy bacon above, to the Japanese themed Famous Mitusbishi with katsu chicken, wakame and wasabi mayo. I stuck with the cheesy bacon option. They’re a decent size for your $10, and definitely worth trying.

One other option that was whispered around our table was the deep fried pork belly, although the menu lists them as pork ribs. I’m getting married in around 6 months, and don’t think my waist line would have recovered from that by then so I had to give it a pass. Overall it’s a great pub, with cheap food, good drinks and friendly service. I should also point out that their kitchen is open till 4am Friday and Saturday nights, so if you’re trekking past Southern Cross station and needed a drunken feed this is the place for you.

Their website is here.

The Bottom End on Urbanspoon

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