65 Degrees – Melbourne Cafe

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65 Degrees is a cute little cafe located at 309 Exhibition St, just around the corner from the Melbourne Museum. They’re open from 6am to 4pm weekdays only, and as I’ve mentioned earlier one of the main reasons I visited them was because of how active and fun they are on twitter.

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It’s a fairly cosy, narrow space with the back area completely dominated by the above monstrosity. I imagine it’s nothing more than a gigantic coffee grinder, but after a lifetime of Stephen King novels I was a bit nervous about having my back to it. Speaking of coffee, they are the head office for Gridlock Coffee, a very tasty blend of caffiene happiness.

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I am slowly becoming a fan of places that turn their menus into feature walls. Yes, have your printed ones as well, but for some reason the above really appeals to me.  I quickly scanned the list and the Mexican Eggs optioned contained the highest number of my favourite things (I was sick and needed comfort food, don’t judge me).

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I present to you Mexican Eggs, with avocado, tomato salsa, chorizo, bean mix, mayo and a tortilla. The tortilla invites you to make a breakfast burrito, and by gum I took up that invite. The mayo is really sweet, while the beans have a surprisingly spicy kick to them. The tomato salsa and avocado mash were really fresh, a necessity for a good burrito, and overall I was really happy with my brunch.

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For dessert I snagged one of their gingerbread to sustain me for the long walk home (again, sick, comfort food, don’t judge). He was a bit cross eyed but that was the least of his problems once I tasted his gingery goodness. Most gingerbread men lately taste like oversized cookie, 65 Degrees stock the real thing.

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Really happy with their service and speed, and can’t wait to come back again on my next day off. Their website is here.

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One response to “65 Degrees – Melbourne Cafe

  1. Oh, you’re ace! You can come back anytime:)
    Seriously – thanks for your visit and for your kind words.

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