Waffle On – Melbourne Baguettes

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Waffle On is a tiny little cafe/sandwich store locaetd at Shop 9 DeGraves Street, just past the stairs leading towards Flinder’s Street Station. They really only have two different types of food on offer: sandwichesor waffles, but with the decent variety of flavours on offer you won’t feel spoilt for choice.

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I need to say, I love how French the sandwich maker is. Waffle On joins the ranks of French Brasserie, Chez Olivier and Roule Gallette for places that make me want to run and buy a striped t-shirt and beret.

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Coffee is good, but it’s the sandwiches that really set this place apart. I ordered le fermier, chicken, mayonaise, lettuce and tomato, and I was surprised by how spot on it was. The highlight was definitely the bread, the combination of super-crisp on the outside/ soft on the inside haunts me even now.

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The waffles look amazing, but alas they will have to wait for an updated post. For now, however, if you need a sandwich for lunch you can’t beat this place.

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One response to “Waffle On – Melbourne Baguettes

  1. Love Waffle On! I met my soon to be wife there:-)

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