Equal 9 – Melbourne Cafe

Equal 9 is a cafe/ diner located at 18 Queen Street, near the Flinders St intersection. It’s a friendly little place, and a great spot for a quiet little lunch on a weekday.

One thing that I noticed about this place was how many of the staff knew their customers names. That’s not an accident, that’s the result of people coming back again and again as regulars. That seems to be a rare thing in the city nowadays, but it was great to see in the flesh.

And here we have one of the reasons for so many regulars, their Tasty Burger. At $6.90 they’re almost as cheap as a happy meal, but a damn sight more filling. The patties are juicy and well cooked, and they also come with an egg, red onion, lettuce and tommy sauce on a focaccia bun. They’re an excellent deal, and that’s just one of their burger options.

The place is decorated in a very nineties fashion, so I did find it pretty funny that Seinfeld was on their telly while I was there. Not quite old enough to be retro, but it showed that their focus was just on their food.

Well, food, board games and wine. I should point out that they are licensed, although at this stage they’re only open breakfast and lunch seven days, with a possibility of opening on Friday nights.

Pop in for lunch if you work in the CBD, you won’t regret it.

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One response to “Equal 9 – Melbourne Cafe

  1. This is indeed an unpretentious cafe, serving great value food with friendly staff.

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