Optic Kitchen + Bar – Federation Square


Optic Kitchen + Bar is located at Federation Square, right next to the ACMI entrance, right where the old ACMI lounge used to be. I was really surprised how well it fit a niche that I had been looking for in the CBD Grid : a cheap, family friendly pub.


Optic’s a really modern place, with various seating arrangements including my personal family favourite, ginormous booths. It’s big and open, and I love the glass cabinet just behind the bar showing off some of their offerings.


Now as I wrote earlier, this place is very kid friendly. They have a great little kids menu, including Nerdling favourite chicken and chips. What was surprising though was that this arrived in a little takeaway box, meaning that if your little one doesn’t finish their meal it’s easy enough to pack up and take away for later.


The food itself is excellent. I ordered a medium rare steak with mashed potatoes and  rocket salad, and that’s what came out (the mash was in that little red pot). The steak came out closer to medium than rare but that was hardly a problem considering how well the rest was put together.


Daisy had ordered fish and chips, and while she seems really happy with it, I just wanted to point out how sweet it is it comes wrapped in newspaper. Made as former suburbanites a little nostalgic.


Overall, a great cheap feed for the whole family, and all too easy to access as well. Website is here.

Optic Kitchen and Bar on Urbanspoon

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