Gingerboy – CBD Asian Food

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Gingerboy is a well-known Asian food venue located at 29 Crossley Street, Melbourne. I had heard great things about the place so I was a bit excited when a our friend Deep Dean and his wife decided to have their birthday dinner there. In the end, it was a half good/half bad night.

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I’ll start with the bad upfront since that’s how the night started. The four of us arrived about 45 minutes before our booking to have a quick drink at Gingerboy’s upstairs bar. We were quickly seated in a corner, given drink menus and we chatted away while we chose our drinks. After a long wait I was starting to think we were mistaken about there being table service so I popped over to the bar where I was assured that he would be right over to take our order. He then went to the table next to us where he stayed until it was time for us to go downstairs for our dinner booking. That’s 45 minutes without so much as a glass of water.

All four of us then ordered drinks as we sat downstairs. Two of the four drinks arrived promptly, but when they hadn’t arrived before the waiter came to take our food order I confirmed that they were still on the way. We waited some more, and it was only when another waiter realised half our table had no drinks at all that they realised that our part of the order had gone missing and we could all toast each other halfway through appetizers.

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That was the bad, but here is the good: the food was excellent and so was the food service. I’ve mentioned my seafood allergy before, and they were really great about suggesting dishes, and then double checked with the kitchen to be doubly sure. In the end it was suggested we try the pork nam prik ong in lettuce cups, braised wagyu short rib and bang bang chicken.

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The Pork nam prik ong, essentially san choi bao, and the braised wagyu ribs were both great, if a little messy to eat, but the bang bang chicken was the highlight. Arriving with 4 different types of chilli, you could choose just how many taste buds needed punishing.

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At the end of the night a manager came around, apologised for the poor drinks service and gave us a round of that shot up top, it tasted like a limoncello with a kick and I wish I remembered its name. It went a long way to making me believe that what we experienced was a once-off aberration.

Overall, not really satisfied. The food was great, but the service was below what I would expect for the prices that they charge. Other places, like Chin Chin, are serving similar food for much cheaper.

Their site is here

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4 responses to “Gingerboy – CBD Asian Food

  1. I went to Gingerboy on Saturday night and we arrived at 6:50pm after struggling to get a table at Longrain. Longrain told us at 6:40pm that we’d need to wait two and a half hours for a table. We had tickets to A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum which started at 8pm sharp, so we couldn’t wait that long. Enter Gingerboy.

    While we didn’t try the upstairs bar, we found the staff were really great (and probably rather grateful) that we were in and out so quickly. The food was great and the drinks were pretty good too, though the other half and I tend to go for run of mill bevvies (wine for me, bourbon for him). So we had a great time there, but perhaps if I’ wanted to stretch my night out the way you normally would on a night out, things may have been different.

  2. I wanted to try this restaurant but heard mixed reviews about the food. Guess this one won’t be priority on my places to eat!

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