Cinema Fiasco – terrible movies with your new best friends

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There are lots of reasons to love the Astor Theatre. The sense of history when you walk inside, the enormous theatre space, teenage dates because you thought it was a classier option than the Village Cinema at Knox. Now there is another reason to love it: they play host to the awfully fantastic Cinema Fiasco!

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Cinema Fiasco is made up of two separate but equally important parts: terrible movies and hilarious commentary. By terrible, I mean the kind of terrible only insomniacs into self punishment would normally be subjected to. Examples include a Danish version of Godzilla, Blacula Returns (a movie so bad that they made it twice) and a movie about a female prison where all the prisoners are either cat fighting, taking their gear off or are old and ugly.

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All of that is good, but when combined with the commentary of Geoff Wallis and Janet A. Mcleod it turns into something special. Armed with a microphone, a laser pointer , a hotel bell and the kind of cutting wit I can only aspire to each movie is hilariously torn apart, mocked and left in a quivering pile.

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The next Cinema Fiasco will be held on 14 December from 8pm at Astor Theatre Corner Chapel Street & Dandenong Road Prahran . They will screen the holiday horror classic “Silent Night, Deadly Night” about a serial killer in a Santa Claus suit. Can’t wait! You can keep track of upcoming screenings at their website here.

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