Bao Now – Chinese pies!

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Bao Now is located at 119 Hardware St Melbourne, just down a bit from what I call “touter lane”. They recently completed a reno over the holiday including an updated menu and more seating.

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Baos are chinese round pies, using sweeter dough and a variety of fillings. Bao Now have both savoury and dessert fillings available, and I covered a few of their offering in more detail on the recent Bao and Beer night. Each Bao is tied flavour wise to a city, with my personal favourite being the L.A. Cheeseburger.

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They now offer a $10 Supreme Box deal including 3 baos, 1 salad and a drink. It’s great lunchtime offer, and I promise not to tell if you sneak in a mousse chocolate bao for dessert. There are also lettuce baos and rice bowls on offer for the more carb-conscious.

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The new reno has given the place a massive amount of seating without feeling cramped, and it’s perfect for either a cheap lunch or to line your stomach before a big night out. Their website is here.

Bao Now on Urbanspoon

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