Wabi Sabi Garden – Cute Japanese

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Wabi Sabi Garden is a cute little Japanese restaurant located at 17 Wellington Street St Kilda, around the corner from the Astor Theatre. It’s a fun little spot, and worth the extra walk.

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I love the lantern tree hanging over punters in the main dining area, although the bird staring at me with its cold, glass eyes was a little disconcerting. There’s also a “reflecting” pool in the rear courtyard, basically a flat area with a projector above screening anything from tv shows to a calming pond.

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In case you haven’t tried it yet, order the edamame and a beer to start with. It’s a salty “superfood”, essentially salted soya beans. I choose to interpret the superfood status as it’s healthy for you despite the salty goodness and anyone who says otherwise is lying.

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Like with most good restaurants it’s fun to share, so I do recommend bringing a group. My favourite dish to share is the Chicken Karaage, which I affectionately call JFC. Yes it does resemble KFC, but the japanese herbs and spices definitely make it unique.

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Pop in with a small group, soak up the atmosphere and don’t hesitate about ordering something new and different, this place has it all. Their website is here.

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Wabi Sabi Garden on Urbanspoon

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