Happy Birthday Mr Mason

Camera Roll-3059

Last night Mr Mason, located at 10/530 Collins St Melbourne, celebrated their first birthday. Given the usually depressing statistic of how many stores don’t make it past 6 months, it’s a great little milestone to reach, and to celebrate they were offering punters entry to their party for $10 a pop.

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Even though it’s a little out of the way to get too, it’s definitely worth hunting down. Sporting both a comfortable quaffing lounge and an outdoor balcony, it’s a damn sweet place to check out.

Camera Roll-3056

For it’s birthday celebration they sported a tasting table for wine, cheese and meat, all of which were all pretty amazing. The winner, and I think they’re cheating a little by putting it out there, was their sliders. If this is the catering they put out for a $10 ticket I’d love to see what they do with their canape packages.

Camera Roll-3055

Definitely worth checking out, and wish them happy birthday this week! Their website is here.

Mr Mason on Urbanspoon

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