Bar Americano – Hidden respite

A lot of fuss is made about Melbourne’s laneways, about how turning a random corner can reveal a hidden cafe, or bar. My latest such experience was when I arrived at 20 Presgrave Place, Melbourne and discovered Bar Americano.

Funnily enough, my first visit was in the morning for coffee. It’s a tiny space, with a bar all the way around the room but no chairs. Photos are actively discouraged, mostly due to the ambience ruining effect of Instragram flashes going off in a tiny little space.

Night time is when this okace truly shines, with cocktails aplenty and excellent service. It’s a great spot to gather your thoughts, have a quick chill and decide the next stop on a big night. This isn’t the place to while away an afternoon on free wifi while eating your cheese bagel. This is a spot for a brief pause, to listen to the jazz tunes while you briefly let yourself drift back to a slightly more gangstery time.

Bar Americano on Urbanspoon

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