Gami – Korean Chicken and Beer

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I’m calling Gami out on this: they’re cheating. They’ve read this blog, worked out my favourite things, made them ridiculously cheap then waited patiently until I walked through their door. Since they’re located at 100 little Lonsdale St in the CBD it took a few months for their trap to be spring but I managed to find my way there this week.

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First off, once you walk through the door the first thing they offer is rice crackers and radish cubes. Simple, fast and in the case of the radishes refreshing, but hardly anything to knock my socks off. It was a nice change away from bread and butter though. It was when the menu arrived that I started to get excited.

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Now there are other “light meals” on the menu but the only main meal on offer is chicken. And just like you wouldn’t go to the French Brasserie to have a salad, you shouldn’t really come here if you’re not in the mood for some chicken. There are four flavours: original, sweet chilli, sweet soy garlic and spicy in either half or full chicken worth of pieces. Since there were two of us who’d skipped lunch, we opted for the whole chicken, boneless with sweet soy garlic. All options also come with a cabbage salad.

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Now I did mention beer in the title and again, it’s cheap and it’s good. They’ve got their own “famous” gami beer, and at $3.50 a pot you can’t really go wrong.

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Now we were ultimately defeated by the giant mound of chicken we were offering, and would have been satisfied with the $15 half chicken option. That effectively means we could have had a quarter chicken and beer for $11 each, and is now in my top 5 cheap places to grab dinner. I do have a couple of small gripes though. One is that it would be great to have a green leafy option for the side salad, and the other was that it was sometimes a bit slow to get the servers attention. Still we got more than we paid for and overall, worth popping in! Their website is here.

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One response to “Gami – Korean Chicken and Beer

  1. That looks incredible! Fried chicken is always a winner.

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