Zio’s – fine dining

Just recently I started receiving e-mails from a company called Dimmi’s, offering 50% off meals at a certain restaurant per week if I book through their site, and credit towards a free meal if I write a quick review as well. Now this is obviously not that review, but I thought I’d mention it since I would never have found Zio’s if it wasn’t their offer of that week.

Zio’s is located at 14 Landsowne Street, East Melbourne, just across Victoria street from the hospital. It’s not the most obvious place for a restaurant, and it doesn’t help that it’s a converted townhouse that looks the same as its neighbours but that quickly disappears once you’re inside.

The inside is beautiful, feeling sophisticated with being over-bearing. It was quiet, but that may be due to the fact we were there for a weekday catch up with friends. I’m lucky they’re so forgiving about me photographing all their meals.

All of the food was beautifully presented, but the winner was the seafood platter for two. Due to my allergies I can’t touch the stuff but even I was impressed by how good it looked when it came out. I had their scotch fillet medium rare and was a very happy camper, especially with the roast onions they had on the side.

Their speciality dessert was the chocolate soufflé, and since I’ll eat chocolate anything I ordered it with glee. It should have some kind of warning though, like “warning, may cause manboobs”. It was sweet enough to satisfy my chocolate needs for a week, and should only be attempted by grade 8 sweet tooths.

The service was up to standard, but again we were in on a quiet night so can’t guarantee what they’d be like on a weekend. The food is a bit pricey without the offer but the surroundings, presentation and quality of the food were worth it. You may, however, need to be very clear about directions on how to get there.

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5 responses to “Zio’s – fine dining

  1. Great to see that presentation of the food and service have improved since the last time I was there!

    • The food definitely presented very well, and the service was fine but like I said it was a pretty quiet night. I think a lot of the places offering discounts like this are doing so because they know they have a certain reputation, they’ve made changes to fix them and are now encouraging people to come in.

  2. MIFF is coming up soon and as this is where I usually park I might check it out.

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